Quilting and Needlework

A stitch in time, classic colony quilts

During Amana’s Communal Era, it seems that every woman was involved with some sort of needlework as a hobby.  From knitting mittens and hats to putting up a quilting frame and stitching the unique Amana Colonies’ quilts where the pattern is done with the needlework and not be different fabrics.  This unique style is still made by Colony Omas (Grandmothers) for special occasions like weddings and newborns, it’s a tradition in the Amanas.

Today, you’ll find that this hobby continues and our needlework shops are world class offering a variety of products.  If you love to do needlework you must stop at these shops.

Listings for Quilting and Needlework

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    Heritage Designs Quilting and Needlework

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    Fern Hill Gifts and Quilts

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    Creative Colony

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    Amana Arts Guild

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