take a walk on the wild side

Our Nature Trail is located just outside of the village of Homestead at the junction of Highways 6 and 151. It provides you with a walk on the wild side as it winds through the Amana forest to a bluff overlooking the Iowa River. Located on land owned by the Amana Society it features 3 different trails with the longest being 3 miles.  It is open most of the year except during the Iowa Deer Shotgun season.  Is perfect for hiking and in the winter cross-country skiing.

The trail winds through the Amana Society’s forest and you can expect to see a variety of wildflowers, shrubs and hardwood trees along with a large number of birds including wild turkey.  The timber is home to quite a few deer so if your fairly quiet you might see one or two.  From an archaeological standpoint, there are three Indian burial mounds just off the trail that date back about 1,000 years.

The trail leads to a lookout from a small bluff overlooking the Iowa River.  The river below is the location of an Indian fish weir that is made of rocks. It was used to trap fish during the shallow times of the river.  Due to the change in course of the river, it is no longer visible. In 2018, a grant from the State Historical Society of Iowa Historical Resource Development Program funded a survey of the area to locate the fish weir. The Office of the State Archaeologist conducted the survey and found the weir to be intact but buried under about 8 feet of silt and sand.

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