Bike + Hike Weekend

enjoy the outdoors in many forms

It’s a July weekend to get out and enjoy the summer. Bring your bike and ride “Tour de Brew” or take a hike through our timberland on the nature trail.  This is a weekend to be outside and we have routes for every skill level in both cycling and walking.  If your desire is to make a trek through our hardwood timber or the paved streets of one of our villages there is something for everyone.

This year, in 2020, please be sure to practice social distancing. While biking & hiking, make sure your small group stays at lease 6 feet from other small groups and bring a mask or face covering for use in stores and crowded areas.

Gravel Bike Ride

Maybe you prefer going off the beaten path for a gravel bike ride.  You can enjoy this route anytime as we have a designated gravel bike route that takes you into the Iowa countryside north of Middle Amana and loops to High Amana and then to West Amana.  This route is on gravel roads so it can be challenging. You’ll pass by the area that is said to have inspired the famous artist Grant Wood to paint “Young Corn”.  We have a short route that is fairly flat and a long route that is a challenge.  Stop by the Visitor Center to get a route map.

Walks Around Amana

If biking isn’t your thing, how about a walk.  We have seven suggested routes with at least one being just perfect for you.  The Amana Heritage Museum to Middle Amana Communal Kitchen walk will take you from one museum site to another.  It’s about a 4.5-mile round trip that begins at our Museum in Amana and takes you on a paved trail to Middle Amana’s Communal Kitchen. Relax and enjoy the peaceful village of Middle Amana and the only surviving communal kitchen before you walk back to Amana.

Tour de Brew 

Cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19

For bikers, the cornerstone of the weekend is Millstream Brewing’s, Tour de Brew.  Millstream’s annual 38-mile bike ride through the area attracts a crowd of biking enthusiasts.  A poker ride with stops along the way for refreshments and to pick up your poker cards. You’ll need to register for this event at Millstream Brewery and there is a registration fee.  This ride will take place on Saturday only; find more information here:


Click these links for more information on Biking & Hiking in the Amana Colonies, including a gravel bike map and a link to the location of the Nature Trail on Google Maps.

  • History Trail
    Our History Trail walk starts at the Amana Heritage Museum and takes you on a 1.5-mile walk through the village of Amana.  We will direct you to many of the historic sites and businesses in the village. It’s an easy and interesting stroll.
  • Culinary Trail
    If your tastes go more to nibbling while you walk (and who wouldn’t like that) the Culinary Trail starts at the Heritage Haus on the main street of Amana, on this walk you’ll travel about 1 mile and walk to the shops and businesses that specialize in food products.  Each shop will have some type of free sample to try.  That’s just to whet your appetite when you finish the walk we suggest you sit down for a meal at one of our famous restaurants to complete your Amana Colonies Culinary experience. (Due to COVID-19 sampling may be restricted)
  • Art Walk
    Are you into art or antiques?  A 1 mile walk with take you to several antique shops in town, and a half mile walk will help you find arts and crafts in Amana. These walks can be done separately, or combined for a nice stroll that covers most of Amana, from the Amana Furniture Shop downtown up the streets to the Amana Heritage Museum.
  • Homestead Trail
    The Homestead Trail is a unique history walk in the only Amana village that doesn’t have an Amana name, Homestead.  It starts at the west end of the town and continues along the lone street of Homestead pointing out several historic sites along the way.  An interesting village that was the Colonies access point to the railroad in the 1800s, Homestead is unique in several ways.
  • Nature Walk
    Nature lovers will enjoy a walk through our hardwood timber located just north of Homestead at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 151.  This trail is more rugged and is a beautiful hike to the Iowa River.  The trail offers several options for length from 1 to 3.2 miles. This is a real nature walk so there is no telling when you’ll see a whitetail deer or wild turkey.
  • Lily Lake Walk
    Bird watchers will love the Lily Lake walk.  Start at the shelter that is on the banks of the Lily Lake in between Amana and Middle Amana and walk east to the paved trail and then south towards mill race that was built in the 1800s to provide water power to operate the Woolen Mills in both Middle Amana and Amana.  Once you reach the mill race you’ll turn west and follow the gravel path around the lake until you meet up to the paved path that will take you back to the shelter.  You’ll discover all types of shorebirds and turtles.

Brochures + Forms

Take a look at the Bike & Hike 2020 Brochure here!

*Please note that Tour de Brew has been cancelled as of late 7/7/2020*

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