How to Create a User

Easy to follow guide on how to create a new user.*



*Video does not have sound.

1. Find the Users menu option on the right side. Click to open the new user form. Fill out the user form, note that the username is permanent, I would recommend a username of the business location or the business owners name.

2. Example of a form completed — note that the role needs to be set to Author.

3. Once submitted, you will be redirected to the full users list. Use the search field to find the username you just created.

4. Screen capture of search results. Click to open the users profile to edit.

5. Backend view of the users profile. Here you can update any information as needed.

6. Option available to enter the users business address if you wish.

7. Click Update User to save.

How to Assign User to Listing

Easy to follow guide on how to assign a user to a listing.*



*Video does not have sound.

1. Start at the places tab in the black navigation bar & locate the business listing. If you cannot find it, in the right corner above the listings is a search bar to search for your business listing.

2. Click edit under the listing, you may have to hover over the listing for it to appear.

3. Once the listing populates, scroll all the way to the bottom. The very last menu item is what you will need. Click the dropdown box to open up the search bar.

4. Enter the username you need to assign to the listing.

5. Scroll up to the top and click update!