Old Creamery Theatre

laugh, cry, spend the night humming a tune

Looking for a fun way to spend an evening after dinner?  Attend a live theatre performance at The Old Creamery Theatre.

Located between the villages of Amana and Middle Amana, this comfortable theater is the sight of high-quality performing arts from April to December and performs everything from comedies to musicals to dramas.  It began as a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in 1971 in Garrison, Iowa. Ten theatre colleagues formed the company in a vacant building that had once served the community of Garrison as a co-op dairy – hence the name. In 1988, at the invitation of The Amana Society, The Old Creamery Theatre Company opened its first season in Amana.

Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to performing high-quality, live professional theatre for audiences of all ages and interests, and offers a wide variety of plays each season. The Old Creamery is proud to be the oldest professional theatre company in the state of Iowa.

The schedule of productions varies each year but you’re sure to see comedy, musicals, and dramas folded into each season.  You’ll also be surprised with special one night only entertainment that is brought in during the season.  You’ll need to check this year’s offering and showtimes, but rest assured it’s always a good evening at The Old Creamery.

Upcoming Performances

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