Crafts + Hobby Art

The Colonies, where a hobby was to be useful

Some art forms are very utilitarian and in the Communal Era, the hobbies of woodworking and knitting were very important.  In a time with no computers, television, or radios these hobbies produced useful items such as mittens, scarves, hats, clocks, and furniture.

All children, girls, and boys, were taught to knit as part of their school curriculum. Women often would knit in the evenings, after supper and church.

It seems that every home in the Colonies has an old workbench in the basement.  It’s here that the gentlemen would often build extra items and gifts for friends and family members.  Many of these items were much more elaborate than what was standard issue for our members.

The crafts and hobbies continue today, past down from generation to generation.   Some of our shops carry these types of items.  Be sure to ask the shopkeepers to point them out.

Listings for Crafts + Hobby Art

    • HAGS-exterior11

    High Amana General Store | 1308 G Street

    • HD-barn.web

    Heritage Designs Quilting and Needlework

    • artcraftsmall

    Michele Maring Miller Art Gallery

    • Cylinder-Iowa

    Mini-Americana Barn Museum

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    Amana Arts Guild

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    Catiri’s Art Oasis

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    Schanz Furniture and Refinishing

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    Colony Carvers

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    Creative Colony

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    Old Creamery Theatre

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    Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway

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    Amana Heritage Society

    • Gallery 1

    AJs Copper Garden

    • troy-thomas-artist

    Troy Thomas Art Gallery

    • Fern-Hill-Outside

    Fern Hill Gifts and Quilts

    • Furniture2-1

    Amana Furniture and Clock Shop

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