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Colony Inn Restaurant


741 47th Avenue
PO Box 253

Amana, IA 52203

The Colony Inn was the first of the Amana Colonies restaurants to serve the "family style" dinners and breakfasts that have made the Colonies known for good food and hospitality.


It is Amana's first restaurant to be under private ownership and open to the general public.  The Colony Inn was built in 1860 and was known as The Amana Hotel for many years.  The building contained a kitchen and a dining room which served meals to travelers coming through both overland and by train.  After the "Great Change" when Amana abandoned its communal way of life, the Amana Society sold the Amana Hotel and the name was changed to the Colony Inn.  Its physical characteristics remain the same as nearly as possible to this day.  The kitchens are modern, but the dining areas have been preserved to capture the old world atmosphere enjoyed by thousands since 1935.   The atmosphere is not fancy, but friendly.


Join us for our famous breakfast served daily.  Dinners are family style.  The main course will include bowls of potatoes, gravy, salads, hot vegetable, cottage cheese and assorted Amana breads.  Local beer and wines are served.  Pies and desserts are made in house.


The Colony Inn welcomes bus and tour groups.  For groups of twenty or more, a tour guide is available free of charge with dinner reservations.